[Invitation] International Webinar on the Urgent Need for Labor Standards in the WCPFC: No Fisheries without Crew

2022년 5월 17일

Numerous media exposes and NGO reports have documented human and labor rights abuse across global fisheries including in the Western and Central Pacific Fisheries (WCPF) Convention area. The widespread accounts of horrific working conditions demonstrate that the global seafood supply chain is extensively tainted with forced labor and human trafficking.
In order to address these issues, the WCPFC needs to step up to provide transnational protection for crew working on fishing vessels regulated by the regional body. The webinar aims to provide the current context of the discussion on the proposed labor standards in the WCPFC as well as to urge relevant stakeholders to support its adoption.

Date: Tuesday June 7, 2022

5 AM (UTC+1) Britain

11 AM (UTC+7) Indonesia Jakarta

12 PM (UTC+8) Taiwan, Philippines

1 PM (UTC+9) South Korea, Japan

3 PM (UTC+11) Vanuatu

4 PM (UTC+12) New Zealand, Fiji, Tuvalu

This webinar will be primarily in English. Simultaneous interpretation will be available in Bahasa Indonesia, Japanese, Korean, and Taiwanese.

Location: Zoom* .


*Pre-registration required


  • Introduction to the WCPFC draft CMM on labour standards – Bubba Cook, World Wild Fund for Nature (WWF)
  • Case study
    • Human Rights abuse on Dawang, a Taiwanese-owned and Vanuatu-flagged longliner – Lennon Ying-Dah Wong, Serve the People Association (SPA)
    • Illegal fishing, violence and ecosystem destruction by China’s distant water fleet – Film produced by Environmental Justice Foundation (EJF)
    • The accounts of Fijian and Indonesian crew on the Western and Central Pacific Ocean – TBD
    • Human rights abuse on the Korean distant water fishing fleet – Woojin Chung, Environmental Justice Foundation (EJF)
    • Contributing to sustainable and slave-free seafood supply chain by strengthening crew protection in the WCPFC – Cade Mosley, Human Rights Now (HRN)
  • No Fisheries without Crew: The Urgent Need for Labor Standards in the WCPFC – Jinsuh Cho, Advocates for Public Interest Law (APIL)
  • Q&A

Organizers: Advocates for Public Interest Law (APIL), Citizens Institute for Environmental Studies (CIES), and Environmental Justice Foundation (EJF)

Contact: Advocates for Public Interest Law (APIL) +82 2-3478-0529 / info@apil.or.kr

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